Leicestershire council tax reduction scheme consultation

Closed 28 Sep 2016

Opened 4 Aug 2016

Feedback Updated 20 Jan 2017

We Asked

We invited members of the public and local businesses and organisations to comment on proposed changes to their local council tax reduction / support scheme – mainly whether the current level of support should be changed.

You Said

Charnwood Borough Council response:

A greater percentage of respondents reacted positively to Option 1 (no change to the current rate of support at 85%) than alternative 0ptions (reduce the level of support to 80%, 75% or 70% respectively).

Leicester City Council response:

A greater percentage of respondents reacted positively to Option 1 (no change to the current rate of support at 80%) than Option 2 or 3 (reduce the level of support to 75% and 70% respectively).

Melton Borough Council response

Although the most popular individual choice on the four options for the maximum council tax was for no change, overall 32% who said yes voted for no change, 69% felt that some increase should be made.

53% of responders wanted the Band D limit introduced; 52%  wanted the capital limit reduced to £6K; 58% wanted CTS rules aligned to HB rules; 76% said CTS claimants should work with the council to keep their CTS; 58% said that the council should remove all or part of the CTS if someone doesn’t work with the council.


We Did

Charnwood Borough Council response:

We considered the results of the consultation alongside other evidence and concluded that we would not be introducing any changes to the current scheme at this time.

Leicester City Council response:

We will not be introducing any changes to the current scheme but will review the situation in one year’s time.

Melton Borough Council response

Looking at the overall impact of the changes on individuals directly affected and for the wider community, the council has reduced the maximum CTS from 88% to 85% (below the options consulted upon); made no change to the Band D or Capital limits; aligned CTS rules to the HB rules and will look to introduce a personal support package from 1 April 2017


Results Updated 4 Jan 2017



Changes are being considered to council tax reduction schemes (also known as council tax support schemes) across Leicester and Leicestershire.

This is a joint consultation involving a number of different councils across the region, inviting residents, businesses and others to submit their views to help shape their respective council tax reduction / support schemes.

Why We Are Consulting

Working-age council tax payers in Leicester and Leicestershire currently have to pay a minimum of 12 to 20% towards their council tax bill, depending on where they live.

This consultation asks what changes you think we should make to our current scheme (if any).

The changes we are considering could affect you or someone you know — it is therefore important that you give us your views to help shape your local council tax reduction / support scheme from 2017. This consultation will run from 4 August until 28 September 2016.

Please note that people of state pension credit age will continue to be assessed under the national scheme and will therefore not be affected by any changes to the council tax reduction / support scheme.

What Happens Next

Relevant councils will analyse the views that have been expressed in the consultation and take these into consideration when making final decisions. 

Please note that this is not a polling exercise. The information received will be considered by the relevant local authority, who will also look at lots of other information and the views of a range of organisations.


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