Lifestyle Services

Closed 10 Jun 2018

Opened 19 Apr 2018


The city council provides a number of lifestyle services. The main aim of these services is to help people change their lifestyle. This can be by supporting people to stop smoking, to improve their fitness, or to lose weight. Making changes like these will help people reduce the risk of developing illnesses such as heart disease or diabetes in later life.

People are currently sent to different services to help with different issues. As an example, at the moment there are separate services for stopping smoking, and for improving fitness. These services work well and are mainly delivered one-to-one, although people can get involved in group activities too.

However, because people often have several lifestyle issues that they would like to change, we think it would be easier to discuss all of these in one place. That way, people will be able to tackle issues such as stopping smoking or losing weight in an order that works for them.

This could be achieved by a single service in place of many different ones. This service would offer advice and guidance on many different health issues. It would also consider other problems that may be affecting people’s lives, such as loneliness or struggling with debt.

We also know that technology can be useful for supporting people to improve their health. Part of this consultation will ask you about how we could use technology to help you improve your health at home, or find services in your local area.

We are looking for views from members of the public, service users, staff and other interested parties on the proposed changes to lifestyle services in Leicester.


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