Additional studies (planning)

Closes 7 Dec 2020

About this consultation

We invite your comments on these additional studies:

  • Economic development needs assessment (2020)
  • Water cycle study (2020)
  • Local housing needs assessment (2020) 

Please note that these studies should be viewed separately from the draft local plan and its supporting documents.

You can respond anonymously if you wish though we will not be able to include your comments in the next stage of the Local Plan consultation process (Regulation 19) if you do not provide contact details.

If you do provide contact details *, your comments will be available for others to see in the next stage of the process. However, we will not publish any information that may identity you.

We may contact you if we require further information relating to your comments or suggestions you submit.

* Alternatively, you can give us your Local Plan consultation ID if you have partially completed or submitted a response to that consultation (the ID starts ANON)

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