Climate emergency

Closed 9 Feb 2020

Opened 18 Nov 2019

Results updated 30 Apr 2020



Scientists now agree that the climate is changing as a result of human activity. Global average temperatures have increased by 1ºc from pre-industrial levels and sea levels are rising. In Leicester and the rest of the UK we are already seeing the early signs of change.

More frequent intense rainfall is adding to the risk of flooding. More heatwaves like the one we saw in 2018 could pose a threat to health for vulnerable groups.

World leaders have set a target in what’s known as the ‘Paris Agreement’ to stop the temperature increase from going beyond 1.5 ºc. This is what scientists believe is needed to prevent catastrophic impacts. It will require major changes over the next decade and beyond to stop temperature rise going past this limit.

In response to this, Leicester City Council declared a ‘climate emergency’ on 1 February 2019. Many other councils are doing the same. We have committed to develop a new action plan to play our part in tackling climate change. This will pick up where our previous Sustainability Action Plan left off.

Why your views matter

We have looked at what experts are saying will need to happen in cities like Leicester, and at what we think the council and others could do about it. Now we would like to hear from the public about these ideas. We are inviting people to suggest their own ideas too.

We will use the responses we get to help us prepare our action plan.  We will also develop a vision for what Leicester could be like as a ‘carbon neutral’ city which is ready for a changing climate.  

We hope that other organisations in the city including businesses, the public sector and community groups will be prepared to make their own commitments to help achieve the vision too.

Download details of our proposals via the links below - or view the documents on the relevant pages on the consultation.


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