Bede Park Development

Closed 8 May 2015

Opened 27 Mar 2015

Feedback Updated 29 Feb 2016

We Asked

In response to the layout proposals for this area we asked local residents to comment on the plans and to vote for their preferred features from the choice of:

  • an outdoor gym area
  • Parkour training area
  • designated barbeque area
  • new tree and shrub planting
  • new seating.

You Said

When asked whether they supported the overall proposals for the park extension, 84.5% said ‘Yes’, 9% said ‘No’ and 6% did not respond.

In terms of individual facilities residents were asked which feature they would most like to see in the new area and the results as shown in the table below:


Percentage vote in favour

Outdoor gym area


Parkour training area


Barbeque area


Tree & shrub planting


Seating area


We also asked for comments on the proposals and 67 responses were received.

The majority of the comments received were supportive of the proposals and the general feeling was that the development of this additional area could help to alleviate some of the current pressures on the park. Of the five different features proposed the barbeque area and the Parkour training facility generated the most comments.

Whilst the majority of the responses were in favour of the barbeque area some residents expressed concerns about the potential for increased anti-social behaviour and littering, citing that the area could encourage drinking and late night noise disturbance.

In terms of the Parkour area the responses were very positive reflecting the popularity of this activity in the city, evidenced by both Universities having active Parkour societies. Many of the comments posted highlighted the need for the Parkour area to be designed by specialists in this area and cited a recent Parkour facility in Loughborough as being a good example.

Other comments dealt with more general issues such as: requesting the provision of public toilets on the park, the need for improved lighting and more litter bins, highlighting concerns about anti-social activity in the park, and the need for measures to improve safety especially at night.

Comments were made that the park needs to be more family friendly rather than being designed purely for students.


We Did

Following this consultation, and in light of the comments received, revised and detailed proposals for the park extension have now been finalised and a planning application for the change of use of the land to the rear of Tesco has been submitted.

The proposals now feature improved lighting and increased levels of visibility to deter anti-social behaviour and to address security concerns. Additional seating has been included within the barbeque area and adjacent to the planting area and the outdoor gym

In response to health and safety concerns, the barbeque area has been designed for the use of disposable barbeque only and additional litter bins will be provided.

The detailed design of the Parkour training facility will be undertaken by one of the leading Parkour designers in the country and a street workout area will also be included to provide more advanced physical training opportunities.

City council staff will continue to liaise with local police, housing associations and local businesses to address some of the wider concerns regarding anti-social behaviour and littering.

Subject to planning consent the works to develop this area will commence in April/May 2016 and will take approximately eight weeks to complete.



Leicester City Council has developed proposals to landscape an area at Bede Park, near to the plaza precinct area on Western Boulevard. Paid for from developer contributions, the proposals include new seating areas, tree planting, an area for barbeques, an outdoor gym area and an area for Parkour.

Bede Park experiences higher levels of use than other similar sized parks within the city, mainly as a result of the large student population within walking distance of the park. In general students tend to be regular users of parks often in large numbers resulting in significant spikes in the number of users during term-time weekends and especially during bank holidays. This has created management and maintenance issues which are unique to this park, particularly regarding the widespread use of disposable barbeques.

The infrastructure of the park struggles to cope with the high number of users at peak times and as a result areas are becoming worn and issues around overcrowding occur.

Opportunities to expand the park are restricted by the residential and retail areas to the south, the business units to the north and the River Soar and Grand Union Canal.

Under the terms of the original land sale to Everards Brewery the city council retained an option to buy back the land to the rear of the former public house, now a Tesco Express store. The city council took up this option and in 2015 the land was transferred back into the city councils ownership for the purpose of developing it into an extension of Bede Park as a means of addressing the issues previously detailed.

An indicative layout plan was produced showing how this space could be developed and the type of facilities that could be provided and comments were invited on these proposals.

Why We Are Consulting

We are consulting now with the general public for their views on the proposed scheme. This consultation will be used to develop the proposals further and produce a further detailed landscaping scheme including the outdoor gym and Parkour areas, which will be consulted on separately at a later stage.

What Happens Next

We will use any views and comments to further develop the proposals, and to produce a final design that will be consulted on at a later stage.


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