Review of cumulative impact zone - Granby Street / London Road area

Closed 15 Oct 2014

Opened 1 Jul 2014

Feedback Updated 25 Feb 2015

We Asked

Whether street drinking continued to be a problem in the CIZ and whether this was associated with the concentration of off-licences.

You Said

Street drinking was still a problem, but it extends beyond the boundary of the CIZ. There was also evidence that it was associated with the way existing premises were run.

We Did

We are intending to look at our approach to street drinking across the city and see whether there is a case to prevent super strength beers and ciders, and single cans being sold in areas where street drinking is a problem.

Results Updated 24 Feb 2015



Leicester City Council has a cumulative impact policy for the Granby Street / London Road area of the city. This policy gives the council and the police extra powers to challenge applications for new alcohol off licences, and was introduced to tackle street drinking and associated problems.

The policy has been in place since February 2011 and it is time to review it, to see whether it is effective and whether the area covered should be changed or extended.

Why We Are Consulting

The previous problems appear to be extending into the Evington Road area, and an applicant successfully challenged our decision to refuse them a new alcohol licence in this area.

We want to review the policy and ask people for their views on whether the concentration of off licences in the area is causing problems.

What Happens Next

After 15 October 2014, the consultation responses will be analysed and reported to the Licensing committee and the Assistant City Mayor, before a full report is presented to full Council. It is anticipated that this will be completed by January 2015.


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