Fosse / Slater Primary Schools

Closed 28 Jan 2018

Opened 27 Nov 2017

Feedback Updated 9 Apr 2018

We Asked

We asked for views on the proposal to bring together Fosse Primary School and Slater Primary School, to form a larger five form entry Fosse Primary School and formally close Slater Primary School.

You Said

A total of 39 respondents submitted comments.  

When asked the question do you agree with the proposal to bring the two schools together to form a larger five form entry Fosse Primary School, 20 respondents said yes, and 19 said no.

Positive comments in relation to the proposal included:

  • New facility for the community
  • Good sports, PE and greenery
  • Opportunities for staff development
  • Current schools too small
  • Great idea to bring together
  • Aggregate resources

Some of the main comments given for not supporting the proposals included:

  • Too big
  • Wrong lead school
  • Traffic and other health and safety concerns
  • Job security
  • Early years to key stage 1 transition concerns with the split site
  • Ecology concerns

Half of the 'No' responses from members of the public related to traffic and ecology concerns, rather than the educational statutory proposal, which this consultation relates to. The new building has planning approval, traffic and ecology issues are being addressed as part of the construction project.

We Did

The Deputy City Mayor for Children and Young Peoples Services considered the responses and has made a decision to continue to the next stage of the proposals - publication of a statutory notice followed by a four week period for statutory representations.

The statutory notice will be published on Monday 9 April (closes Sunday 6 May). At the end of which a further decision will need to be taken by the Executive as to whether to implement the proposals or not.

If implemented they will be effective from 31 August and 1 September 2019.


This consultation sets out proposals to change the organisation of Fosse Primary School and Slater Primary School and explains what is being suggested and why and how this affects you and your child.  We would like to hear your views on the proposal. You can do this by filling in this online questionnaire, or attending one of the meetings listed below (you can do both if you wish).

Why We Are Consulting

The purpose on the consultation is to seek views on the proposed expansion and closure (details available via the link below). The consultation will not look at the wider Waterside redevelopment (such as Highways and planning matters). It solely relates to the education provision in the area.



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