London Road improvements

Closed 10 Nov 2017

Opened 11 Oct 2017

Feedback Updated 26 Mar 2018

We Asked

The consultation was held to inform people of the proposed London Road highway improvement scheme between Granby Street and Victoria Park Road. We also asked for people’s opinions, comments and suggestions about the proposals.

You Said

A total of 113 people attended the staffed public exhibition, held over three days, and 147 people submitted comments by email.

A lot of positive comments for the scheme were received as people recognised the need for improving the safety of cyclists and other users travelling on London Road.

64% of the responses were supportive of the scheme, while 8% stated that they did not support the scheme. The remaining 26% of respondents did not specify whether or not they supported the scheme.

While people were generally supportive of the scheme there were concerns raised about aspects of the design which are addressed in the attached report.

We Did

The comments received will help to inform the detailed design and (as and when construction takes place) will assist the contractor with how best to manage the works in liaison with local residents, businesses and general public who use the area.

Results Updated 26 Mar 2018



We're planning to improve footpaths, create safe cycle lanes and 'Amsterdam-style' bus stop bays along London Road.

This will improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and bus users on one of the main routes into Leicester. London Road will retain two lanes of traffic in both directions between Victoria Park and the train station.


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