School admissions

Closed 31 Jan 2018

Opened 20 Dec 2017

Feedback updated 20 Jun 2018

We asked

We asked for views on proposed changes to the admissions arrangements for entry into community and controlled schools from August 2019. The proposed changes are shown below:

  • To give priority to previously looked after children from outside England
  • To increase the sibling priority to include siblings in attendance in Year 11
  • To remove the domestic violence criteria and replace with a social and medical criterion
  • To add a new oversubscription criterion that gives priority for children of staff
  • To amend the admission arrangements relating to Fosse Primary School and Slater Primary School

The consultation was brought to the attention of:

  • Neighbouring local authorities
  • The admission forum
  • Parents of children in all Leicester city schools
  • The Nottingham Diocese / Diocese of Leicester
  • Parents with children in Early Year settings
  • General public through information on website / advert in Leicester Mercury.

You said

A total of 31 responses were received with the majority of responses in favour of the proposed changes. The only mixed responses received were in respect of proposed change 4 (To add a new oversubscription criterion that gives priority for children of staff). Although the  majority of responses received were supportive of the proposed change, there were two negative responses and these are shown below.

  • As it will be low priority it would not provide space for many applicants in any case. Why should place of work be a priority over other working places (childcare issues are the main reasons for appeals).
  • This can look like an abuse of position although it does make sense if it sits in the position suggested. Details of how many places were awarded and under what criterion every year would help with transparency.

We did

The Assistant City Mayor for Children and Young Peoples Services considered the responses and has made a decision to implement the new admission arrangements for entry from August 2019.  The full set of arrangements have been published online.


Leicester City Council is responsible for setting admission arrangements for all city community and voluntary controlled schools. Download full list of these schools.

We are seeking views on proposed changes to these arrangements.

Additionally, the admitting authorities for some of our academies are proposing changes to their admissions arrangements for 2019/20.

Voluntary aided, trust or academy schools are their own admitting authority and are responsible for setting their own admission arrangements. However, for 2019 entry, these arrangements also apply to two trust schools: Fullhurst College and New College.

Download summary of proposed changes to current admissions arrangements (please click Online survey link below for more detailed information and the opportunity to leave comments / feedback)


What happens next

Once the consultation has closed, responses will be collated and considered by Leicester City Council, with a decision being made on whether or not to proceed with the proposed changes as well as determining the admission arrangements.

Once determined, the final admission arrangements for all community and voluntary controlled schools will be placed on the admissions page of the Leicester City Council website.


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