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When making important decisions about local public services, the city council promises to keep you informed, listen to and acknowledge concerns and aspirations, and provide feedback on how public input influenced the decision.

Where it makes sense to do so, we will look to you for advice and innovation in solving problems and incorporate your advice and recommendations into the decisions to the maximum extent possible.

This website will help you to find and participate in consultations that interest you.

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We Asked, You Said, We Did

Below are some of the issues we have recently consulted on and their outcomes.

Printed Music & Drama Service Consultation

We asked:
We asked for your views on the proposed self-service model for the Printed Music and Drama Service. We also asked for any other suggestions for delivering a sustainable service for the future.
You said:
The majority of groups responding to the questionnaire have indicated that they would continue to use the proposed self-service model for the Printed Music and Drama Service. However, there is significant concern amongst most respondents with regard to the withdrawal of Inter Library Loans and advanced bookings and reservations. A number of alternative suggestions were made for delivering a sustainable service. The proposed relocation of the service was regarded by most a less problematic so long as good parking and access are available. For a more detailed report please see the attached results.
We did:
After reviewing the results we have committed to a further period of research to investigate the feasibility of the suggestions which have been made. Once we have identified the realistic options we will begin a second stage of public consultation. Following feedback with regard to the relocation of the service the Printed Music and Drama collection will move to Fosse Centre Library on Mantle Road in September with its current levels of service. The move is necessary as the space at Southfields library is now required for other purposes and there is reasonable parking at the Fosse Centre. Further details of the move will be sent out to groups in good time.

Changing neighbourhood services in your area - West

We asked:
We asked for people’s views on the services and locations that were important to them in the west area of the city to help develop initial proposals for alterations in the area’s provisions.
You said:
You said that there are certain features of neighbourhood services and their delivery that are particularly valuable to local people and communities, and many of you indicated that you would like to be involved in the Transforming Neighbourhood Services (TNS) review. Some groups have expressed an interest in taking on the running of community buildings.
We did:
We used the views expressed to help develop a set of draft proposals that are being consulted upon separately during July 2014.

Pine Tree Avenue Consultation

We asked:
We asked for your views on the proposed strategy for dealing with the problems created by the non-native Wellingtonias on Pine Tree Avenue, including a long-term programme of tree removal, replacement and compensatory planting.
You said:
We received 70 online responses and 4 written submissions, including 18 responses from residents of Pine Tree Avenue. Overall, 70.2% opted to retain the trees. However, only 38.8% of respondents living on Pine Tree Avenue opted to retain the trees, with 61.1% opting to remove and replace the trees. There was strong support for additional Wellingtonia planting in local parks and green spaces.
We did:
We recognise that there is a requirement to develop a long-term strategy to sympathetically deal with the issue of the Wellingtonias, taking into account the views of residents and the on-going financial liability for the council. We have therefore decided to carry out further consultation with those residents most directly affected by the trees in order to produce such a strategy.”

During the consultation process, we ask for your feedback, you tell us and then we make positive changes. Public participation is key to our work. See what happens with We Asked, You Said, We Did.