Changing neighbourhood services in the East and Central areas (TNS)

Closed 24 Feb 2017

Opened 9 Jan 2017

Feedback Updated 31 May 2017

We Asked

We asked for peoples’ views on how neighbourhood services in the East and Central areas of the city could be transformed. We asked for information on how the services are used now and for opinions on how buildings and services could change.

You Said

  • that the services provided were more important than particular buildings
  • that libraries and the functions they perform, and likewise the activities in community centres are important for local people
  • that the services could be combined into fewer buildings, based on usage, location and proximity of other sites
  • that there should be better advertising of community spaces that are available for hire to increase usage and income
  • that money could be raised by increasing community room hire charges and by reorganising the use of space in some buildings to accommodate more hires

We Did

We are now analysing the responses received in more detail and using these to develop a draft set of proposals. We will consult on these separately when they have been developed.


Your local council services are changing. We are working with local people and communities to make sure these services meet future needs. Initially, we want to find out more about the buildings and services people use in the east and central areas of Leicester.

Download map for details of neighbourhood buildings affected

How to give us your views:

  • Come to a drop-in session – details of sessions as noted below
  • Submit your views on this website (click 'online survey' link below)


Why We Are Consulting

The way in which local library, adult learning, community, youth, housing and STAR services are provided is going to have to change as the council has to adapt the services it provides due to significant cuts in government funding.
To ensure that local communities have a say in these changes, the city council is inviting you and other residents to share your experiences of the services in your area, and give your opinions about the options for change:

  • We want to work with communities to make changes now, before it becomes critical
  • We are reviewing how neighbourhood services are run to make sure that they are affordable and support people to develop their potential
  • Leicester City Council is committed to providing high quality neighbourhood services.


Downloadable information packs for each of the buildings are available below.

What Happens Next

We will consider all the ideas that people put forward and then hold a public meeting to feed back with proposals for change in the area. This will form part of a full public consultation in 2017.



  • Castle
  • Evington
  • North Evington
  • Spinney Hills
  • Stoneygate
  • Wycliffe


  • All residents
  • Local schools
  • Local charitable organisations, including faith communities
  • Households within the scheme boundary
  • All staff
  • Service users


  • Housing
  • Services for young people
  • Neighbourhood services
  • Public participation
  • Libraries
  • Community centres
  • Adult learning