Proposed 20mph Zone - Aylestone Village

Closed 20 Sep 2013

Opened 27 Aug 2013

Results expected 22 Nov 2013

Feedback updated 15 Nov 2013

We asked

We asked for your views on the proposed 20mph speed limit and traffic calming measures in Aylestone Village.

You said

We had 14 responses to the e-consultation. Thirteen were in favour of the 20mph speed limit and ten were in favour of the traffic calming. A paper consultation was also delivered directly to local residents and the majority were in favour of the proposed measures.

We did

The overall response to consultation was 85% in favour of the 20mph speed limit and 64% in favour of the traffic calming. As a result, the City Mayor has approved implementation of the scheme.


Leicester City Council is proposing to change the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph in Aylestone Village.

In the five year period to 31st December 2012, there were 16 reported personal injury accidents in the area where a 20mph speed limit is proposed, of which 3 involved injuries to pedestrians.  As a result, in order to help constrain vehicular speeds, it is proposed to install traffic calming on Granby Road, Disraeli Street, Old Church Street and Middleton Street.

The proposed change is part of a programme of new 20mph zones which was confirmed by the City Mayor on 12th June 2012.

Money has been set aside from the Integrated Transport Capital Programme to pay for the changes if they are approved.  It is estimated that the cost of the scheme will be £118,000.


Why we are consulting

The Transport Strategy Team is now consulting residents and other interested parties for their views on the proposed changes.  This consultation will be the basis on which the City Mayor will make his decision on whether to implement the scheme or not.


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