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Closed 26 Sep 2014

Opened 18 Aug 2014

Feedback Updated 22 Jan 2015

We Asked

The City Council was allocated government funding to improve travel by bus and wanted to improve the Beaumont Leys bus interchange. The plan was to include better bus stops and shelters, and to provide comprehensive timetable information. This is to provide a better environment for bus users and to make it easier to catch buses here. We also wanted to improve facilities for cyclists. The consultation was therefore carried out to obtain people’s reactions to the designs and to find out how they currently use the interchange facility.

You Said

We received 27 responses in total to the online survey and 142 responses in total in the face to face surveys. The majority of people using the interchange where there to go to or from the shopping centre. A third of people questioned said that they were satisfied with bus information whilst another third were dissatisfied. The majority of people, almost 75% said they were satisfied with seating in the shelters, this is surprising as the shelters currently installed are planned to be replaced as not all have seating and some are in a poor state of repair. Two thirds of people questioned said that they would use a new cycle route and cycle parking if it was installed in the area although more than two thirds thought that the proposal for the location of the cycle path shown to them was poor. Just over half of people said they would use a trolley park if one was installed.

We Did

As a result of the consultation, changes have been made to the design layout, the bus stops on the Bennion Road side will no longer be in a shallow saw tooth formation but will be positioned along the kerb line parallel with the road. The cycle way will remain on the road but due to the improvements to the bus stops and the addition of a stop, this should resolve the issue of buses overhanging the cycle lane. Other works to the surfacing and bus stop information will go ahead as originally planned. Changes have also been made to the Rutherford Road side, like Bennion Road, the buses will now pull up parallel with the kerb instead of in a shallow saw tooth arrangement. We have had to reduce bus stops on this side from 4 to 3 although this is still an improvement on the current arrangement and we have had to reduce the size of 2 of the bus shelters to single length.

Results Updated 8 Jan 2015



The city council wants to improve bus travel and particularly, the Beaumont Leys bus interchange. Some government funding has been allocated for the project.

Possible plans include better stops and shelters, improved facilities for cyclists and bus service information that is easier to understand. This should provide a better environment for bus users.


Who are we asking?

We are asking the public - primarily bus users and cyclists - for their views.

We want to reach as many users of the Beaumont Leys bus interchange as possible, so we will be conducting face-to-face interviews with passengers at the interchange when they alight from or wait for their buses, as well as interviewing cyclists who may be in the area.


Contact information

If you need help reading this information or completing your response, please contact Philip Cuss on 0116 454 2882 or KiranKumar Chavda on 0116 454 2883.


What Happens Next

We will analyse the information received. We will take all responses into consideration when making the final decision about what improvements to make.  Check back for feedback.


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